Crystal clear perspective during the flight

The FPV app for your DJI drone
CAVU FPV - the First Person View app for your DJI drone





You will need a VR headset for your phone.

~ $15-$20

Save ~ $500!

Fly for less!

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Do you want to see every detail of the flight?

Made for VR

Take the advantage of a VR glass. Place your phone into a VR headset. No more sunlight reflections on the display.

Ground perspective

Want to see your drone during take-off or landing? You can easily change the perspective in the app.


View with the eyes of your drone. The picture from the drone's camera is displayed in a stereo view.

Custom Head Up Display

The HUD shows important flight information. You can customize the layout of the displays as you want.

Head tracking

Control the camera's tilt with your head. The app allows the control of the gimbal within a 90° range.

Video mode selection

Choose between HD and SD video display depending on your phone's capabilities.

Everything you need during the flight. Nothing more.
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Buy once,
fly forever!


Try for free.

Free 5 minute trial every time you launch the app.
Experiment as much as you want!

How it works?

First step - Get a VR headset

You can use any VR headset. For the best experience use one which is compatible with the Google Cardboard. To be able to use the ground perspective, choose a VR with transparent or removable front panel, which let's your phone's camera look out.

Get a VR headset

Second step - Download our app

Try our app without paying for it. You can fly for 5 minutes for free. If you like the app, you can unlock the limitation with an In-App-Purchase.
Install it on a smartphone running Android 4.4 or newer with a high resolution display.

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Get a VR headset

Third step - Connect them

Connect your smartphone with the drone,
the app will detect your drone.

Get a VR headset

Finally - Go fly!


CAVU FPV - the First Person View app for your DJI drone

Get it on Google Play

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